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► Undelivered Savings Bonds

Each year, over 15,000 savings bonds and 25,000 bond interest payments are returned to the Department of the Treasury as undeliverable, either due to the expiration of a U.S. Postal Service forwarding order, or because an incorrect address was supplied.

For replacement of undelivered bonds you must submit Treasury Form PD F 3062-4 - Claim for United States Savings Bonds Not Received

You will be asked to describe the missing bonds, provide purchase information, and certify that neither you nor anyone acting in your behalf received the bonds. You must also attest that you made inquiry at your former address to verify non-delivery. You may request either substitute bonds or payment by check or direct deposit.

The form must be certified with a financial institutionís corporate seal, signature guarantee stamp, or Medallion Guaranty - notary certification is not acceptable.  

Unclaimed Money Search - Find Lost Savings Bonds


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► Lost Payment for Previously Redeemed Saving Bonds

To request reissue of a lost check issued in connection with redemption of Treasury securities use Treasury Form PD F 5235 - Report of Non-receipt, Loss, Theft or Destruction of Fiscal Agency Check and Application for Replacement.

Use Treasury Form PD F 5236 - Claim for Proceeds of a Fiscal Agency Check to make a claim for proceeds of a fiscal agency check which is shown to have been paid but for which you never received funds.